Business Stuff I learned in 2016…



MAJOR KEY (Biz Principal): As many of you know…this year was a great year for my team and I flipping real estate. We did a total of 20 or so transactions and are currently continuing to grow.

But who cares and why does this pertain to you? I get vetted everyday from my colleagues and associates on how I have been able to achieve this much success at such a young age (23 now…) and continue to grow…

The answer is making smart moves. What does that mean to the average person looking to become an entrepreneur? Below I have listed the 5 keys I believe have made me an “overnight” success as some people call that I have come across this year….ready…?

1. DO NOT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB (right away) – Many people would argue this and believe this to be a nonsense and if you want something bad enough go 100%.

This whole time I have been aggressive in the real estate field was because I knew that no matter what happened to me I would get a promised income from my job.

There have been times where some of my flip deals would take anywhere from 3-6 months to close just because of paper work. I currently have one deal now that has fallen out of contract TWO times….

During these times of trial and error I have come to find REAL value in my day job..having a day job also looks great to banks and lenders that you are trying to solicit money from.

2. 10X EVERYTHING – I wanted to get more coverage on what I was doing and let the world know im coming up. Hence…I wanted interviews and radio shows and I got them.

But what did I do…? EVERYDAY I sat on my computer (cold calling) making phone calls, emails and texting everyone and they’re mom who I though would know someone that could put me on.

After 3 months I had aired on the radio 3 times and have had multiple interviews…lesson was..if you want it bad enough and take enough action…doors will open.

3. PARTNERSHIPS ARE MAJOR – During my time of rehabbing some of the properties you have seen me do over this year…I have found value in partnerships for the following reasons….

– Less risk on projects and ventures I took
– Leveraging experience and knowledge
– Easy access to connections
– Leveraging savings on fees and cost
– Modeling someone I wanted to be
– It makes me feel special

Im getting super lazy to type the rest of the 2 major keys…but I hope this article you just read could be of value for you and life. Thanks for reading…like and share if this has been of benefit to you!