17: Wholesaling 101 with Real Estate expert Donny Ruffin



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16: How Real Estate mogul Vance Wampler made 250k flipping an apartment

Real estate mogul Vance Wampler shares his story on how he came up 250k on his apartment complex flip! Tune in as he shares his knowledge on how he did it!


Pioneering Doesnt Pay…

Copying someone else…

As we wrap up 2016…I am quite busy doing paper work, looking over the books..accounting for what I did and have been plotting for 2017 for over 4 months now….and I am currently debating…if I want to renew my subscription for World of Warcraft…(to be continued..)

I want to share with you some things I learned in 2016 that helped me become a success! I will be speaking mostly about real estate related scenarios, since that is pretty much where the bulk of my success came from. To be quite honest with you…I speak with folks on a daily…and I have no idea WTF they are trying to be in business.

People make things so complicated its not even funny…so I wont go over that..but I WILL tell you the EASIEST way to find success…is to copy cat someone who has done what you want to do with PROVEN results…ask them what they did and copy them…

I personally do not want to be the pioneer of the new frontier and bet on an idea…which I don’t know if it will be a hit or not…why would you bet on something that is not a proven concept…? Life was meant to be enjoyed not be a pain…

And really all I did to find success in real estate was read a book and become patient with the process..its funny, because when I tell people I read a book and it only cost $15…people look at me like I am stupid…or uneducated…like theres more to the process…when there really isn’t….


This is another key concept I learned to be helpful this year…another funny thing is…people think I am so smart and I know everything there is to know about everything…the honest answer is…I have only been investing for about 1.5 years…coming up on 2 this coming March…

If you want success…you MUST leverage a team…there have been many times when I did not know the answer but someone else on my team knew it…and guess what…? We got through the problem and moved onto the next task…

Leveraging not only saves time, but it actually makes you more money. There were many times when my business was running on virtual auto pilot and I would be sitting at home playing World of Warcraft on the couch…

I realistically only spent about 20 hours out of the whole week being in the field touring properties…and guess what…? The more results I got due to leverage…the lazier I got…not in a bad sense…but why would you want to try and take on the whole world by yourself…?

This past year…I was on vacation in California and had a conference call with a very successful friend of mine….and it is with his quote…I conclude this article…

“You know Prince…in life if you want to have massive success, you will unfortunately have to do it by leveraging other people’s: hard work, time and money”


Fix and Flip Dallas Ft Worth – Old Video

Fix and Flip Project before and after

We have come so far on this project and I am very pleased with the results…when we first bought the house, looking back at it now it was one of the ugliest houses I have ever seen..video below..


Before Photos:

img_6327 img_6337 img_6338 img_6339 img_6340 img_6341 img_6348 img_6349 img_6350 img_6351



The Situation:

The sellers on this property were very nice and were awesome people…they sold the house to me for the following reasons…

  • They had to relocated jobs
  • They had a death in the family (the house had to many memories for them to bear)
  • They just inherited another home (They didn’t want two homes)




After Photos:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25


In Conclusion:

I am just so happy with the results…looking back at what the house looked like at first to what it looks like now is just so amazing! I am in love with the color schemes and I cannot wait till this home hits the market!

9: Interview with Houston Real Estate Mogul Ross Alex

Why Your Business Sucks!



Through out my short 1.5 years of being in this business…if there is anything I learned is that…no matter what you are doing, you should always be focusing your time on one thing.


Lead Generation


Whether you are an investor or realtor, lead generation is your top priority if you want to gain traction in this business and “feel acomplished” I have read basically everywhere that you want to time block at least 3-4 hours in the morning and knock it out.


Is your business failing…? Lead generation might be one of your problems…


The Power of Networking














This post isn’t anything you haven’t heard before…shocker right…?
Its been said time and time again and it will be said many more times in the future…

You are who you hang out with


I can’t stress the power of networking enough. Networking and getting the right connections for your business is vital for taking your business to the next level! When I first started in real estate in late 2014….


I didn’t have many connections and worked hard to sus out the best ones for my business! Many of them DID NOT pan out and it turned out we weren’t a good fit for each other!


But when building a business I have learned that a lot of things are trial and error. A good example would be that..back in 2012 when I was just curious in general about Real Estate, I met a guy by the name of Vance Wampler. He was just starting out and I remember wanted to be like him someday.


About 6 months ago recently. I reconnected with Vance and over 3-4 lunches we strategically worked out a plan where I would be able to work with him on a closer basis, in exchange for teaching me more about Real Estate and how to master the game.


Since then we have closed many deals together and we are currently working on fix and flip type of deals.



  • Go to 2-3 networking meetings a month at least
  • Go to lunch with the people you deem worthy of connecting with
  • Don’t give up if one relationship doesn’t work