Bloopers on set!

Business Stuff I learned in 2016…



MAJOR KEY (Biz Principal): As many of you know…this year was a great year for my team and I flipping real estate. We did a total of 20 or so transactions and are currently continuing to grow.

But who cares and why does this pertain to you? I get vetted everyday from my colleagues and associates on how I have been able to achieve this much success at such a young age (23 now…) and continue to grow…

The answer is making smart moves. What does that mean to the average person looking to become an entrepreneur? Below I have listed the 5 keys I believe have made me an “overnight” success as some people call that I have come across this year….ready…?

1. DO NOT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB (right away) – Many people would argue this and believe this to be a nonsense and if you want something bad enough go 100%.

This whole time I have been aggressive in the real estate field was because I knew that no matter what happened to me I would get a promised income from my job.

There have been times where some of my flip deals would take anywhere from 3-6 months to close just because of paper work. I currently have one deal now that has fallen out of contract TWO times….

During these times of trial and error I have come to find REAL value in my day job..having a day job also looks great to banks and lenders that you are trying to solicit money from.

2. 10X EVERYTHING – I wanted to get more coverage on what I was doing and let the world know im coming up. Hence…I wanted interviews and radio shows and I got them.

But what did I do…? EVERYDAY I sat on my computer (cold calling) making phone calls, emails and texting everyone and they’re mom who I though would know someone that could put me on.

After 3 months I had aired on the radio 3 times and have had multiple interviews…lesson was..if you want it bad enough and take enough action…doors will open.

3. PARTNERSHIPS ARE MAJOR – During my time of rehabbing some of the properties you have seen me do over this year…I have found value in partnerships for the following reasons….

– Less risk on projects and ventures I took
– Leveraging experience and knowledge
– Easy access to connections
– Leveraging savings on fees and cost
– Modeling someone I wanted to be
– It makes me feel special

Im getting super lazy to type the rest of the 2 major keys…but I hope this article you just read could be of value for you and life. Thanks for reading…like and share if this has been of benefit to you!

The Shortcut to Success



Early on in my career…I realized that having some guidance was quite important for whatever venture I wanted to start…there is a CD package out there made by my good friend “Kevin Trudeau” called Your Wish is Your Command…


Great CD package that explains the fundamentals on how to achieve success and during one of his lectures he talks about a concept on…

Who do you listen to…?


And it was then I immediately began to grasp the concept…see…if you want to be successful at anything…it doesn’t matter what…wouldn’t it make sense to shortcut the process and learn from someone who has done what you want to do with proven results?


And I think the reason why I was able to succeed so quickly in my ventures was because I did that principle…



Find someone who has what you want…reach out to them and get some mentor ship and coaching, learn and APPLY everything you can to better yourself..


PS...if your lost whether its to make money on the internet or get started in real estate…reach out to me! I know what it’s like to be new and have no guidance!

I will help you get on the right track!

The World Is Now Digital…

I made this video last week following a few podcast I had heard about how the world was going digital! And how by the year 2030…about 2 billions jobs will no longer be available, but will be outsourced to AI units and robots…

Now when you think about that for a second, it does have you wondering. Where will you be in a few years? What do you think the world will look like? And most of all do you think your job will still be relavant?