Things To Do In Dallas TX – Emporium Pies – McKinney TX

Things To Do In Dallas TX – Arbor Hills Plano TX

Things To Do In Dallas – Downtown McKinney TX – Snug on the Square

Yesterday my fiance and I went to go have breakfast in downtown McKinney! One of the most fabulous place for anything and everything if you are ever in the area. With restaurants having tastes such as:

  • Mexican
  • BBQ
  • Italian
  • Deserts

And more, downtown Mckinney is a place for you and your family to go check out! Yesterday we went to a spot called “Snug on the Square” which is a hole in the wall breakfast joint that serves great tasting food! pics below!

img_6430 img_6431 img_6432

Things To Do In Dallas – Stonebriar Centre

Looking for something to do with your family on the weekends? Stonebriar Centre is often a tourist as well as a hangout locations for families far and wide. Servicing mostly the northern DFW area.

This mall is the PERFECT mall for family fun. With restaurants including:

  • Cheesecake Factory
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Panda Express
  • Chik-Fil-A
  • Dave and Buster’s


And popular stores including:

  • Barnes N Noble
  • Gamestop
  • Dillards
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom

And more I promise you and your family will find more then enough to do with your family! Stonebriar Centre is located in Frisco close to Dallas Toll and Sam Rayburn highway!


Things To Do In Dallas – Hawaiin Falls Bow Wow Luau – The Colony

Yesterday the fiance and I went to an event at a local water park called:


Bow Wow Luau


Its a seasonal event that the park called: Hawaiin Falls host, where the purchased tickets go to animal shelters in need. Now…I have a soft spot for these animal shelters, so going for my fiance and I was a no brainer!


The tickets only cost $30 for the two of us and that included our dogs as well! I thought this was a great event and I really enjoyed it! So if you are ever in Dallas and are looking for something to do. I would recommend Hawaiin Falls…


Now its not everyday that they will let you bring your dogs in, but its still a good opportunity to do during the hot summer season!


img_6442 img_6449 img_6451img_6450img_6448


Things To Do In Dallas – Bonnie Weiner Park – McKinney TX

Yesterday morning my fiance and I went for a walk in a nice park here in McKinney TX. Its about 10 mins down the street, its scenic, active and very family oriented! It has a lake and auditorium as well as a dog park!

We take our dogs to the park all the time and let them play! Its also a cool place for if you are looking to adopt a new dog. You can actually catch SPCA reps here and there with dogs that need new homes!


If you are looking for something to do here in Dallas and you live in the north Dallas metro plex area. I would recommend Bonnie Weiner Park for sure!



Below are some pictures I took of the park! Enjoy!

img_6373 img_6374 img_6375 img_6376 img_6377 img_6378 img_6382 img_6383