Looking for FREE Ways To Cop Some Investment Deals…?

Many investors usually start out on a shoe string budget and don’t want to spend much money when starting to look for deals. One of the coolest ways to get deals which isn’t entirely free (you have to spend money on gas) but is one of the cheapest way to get deals is called:


“Driving For Dollars”


This concept really is self explanatory…its basically where you drive around your neighborhood or city and look for vacant looking houses and make attempts to contact the owner/bank/broker so you can purchase the house.


Now…I am not one to front. I have PERSONALLY never done a driving for dollars deal, but that does not mean you shouldn’t try it! I know many investors locally here in Dallas who have gotten deals off driving for dollars as well as other people across the nation.


So if it has worked for them once, it will work for anyone else…enjoy the video!