The Power of Networking














This post isn’t anything you haven’t heard before…shocker right…?
Its been said time and time again and it will be said many more times in the future…

You are who you hang out with


I can’t stress the power of networking enough. Networking and getting the right connections for your business is vital for taking your business to the next level! When I first started in real estate in late 2014….


I didn’t have many connections and worked hard to sus out the best ones for my business! Many of them DID NOT pan out and it turned out we weren’t a good fit for each other!


But when building a business I have learned that a lot of things are trial and error. A good example would be that..back in 2012 when I was just curious in general about Real Estate, I met a guy by the name of Vance Wampler. He was just starting out and I remember wanted to be like him someday.


About 6 months ago recently. I reconnected with Vance and over 3-4 lunches we strategically worked out a plan where I would be able to work with him on a closer basis, in exchange for teaching me more about Real Estate and how to master the game.


Since then we have closed many deals together and we are currently working on fix and flip type of deals.



  • Go to 2-3 networking meetings a month at least
  • Go to lunch with the people you deem worthy of connecting with
  • Don’t give up if one relationship doesn’t work