Why Your Business Is Failing


One simple word.


Many times when I see new investors getting into the business. They do not take the one most important thing of any business serious…LEAD GENERATION, fresh and old leads (follow up) are going to be the lifeline of your business…


Especially in real estate. You need new deals all the time, without this aspect of the business you are literally dead in the water. When I first started I would put time and effort into lead generation once a week. Although this worked wonders, it is no longer enough for me anymore.


Everyday I am not spending at least 2-3 hours lead generating and it is my first and foremost most important thing that I could be doing in my business. Not lead generating is exactly how people get stuck and gain no traction.


In the above webinar I go over tips and tricks on how to get your name out there effectively. If you look across my social media properties I have been branding myself effectively in order to gain more credibility and brand awareness for my clients!

Check it out and enjoy!